LIQPAY, the easiest payments for your site or mobile app!

If you 're looking for a joint payment solution , or want to add LIQPAY as an additional payment method for your web site , we have the solutions for your business.

*Tariff 2,75% per transaction

Accept payments using messangers

1. You send a bill to the client
2. Client confirms the payment in messanger

Accept payments using messangers

1. You send a bill to the client
2. Client confirms the payment in messanger

Convenient payment acceptance

  • - Visa/MasterCard cards
  • - cash
  • - Privat24 internet-bank

Online payments from 203 countries around the world

Rapid crediting

  • - Visa/MasterCard cards
  • - account

crediting funds within 1 business day

Payment instruments

Secure Payment

Two-step payments (hold)

Does It take time to check for product or service?

Set two-stage payment: I - HOLD FUNDS, II - complete purchase

MOTO payments

Enable you to debit customer's card.

To accept payment you do not need physical access to the client card. Card number and expiration date are enough

Secure payments

Enable customers to make protected payment on your website . Bank guarantees money transfer upon confirmation of delivery

Regular payments

Payments by token

Requests to debit funds using customer's card token. You manage payment frequency, amount and currency


Accept scheduled Visa/mastercard card payments on your web site .

You manage frequency of payments - 1 per month/year

Business payments


Invoice is an easy way to get paid . Convenient way to accept Visa / MasterCard cards payments remotely on the Internet

Payment refund

Make full or partial refunds to customer's card . Refunds are available in the LiqPay business account , as well as API

B2C (P2P credit)

Make payments from your current account to customers' cards

Become acquainted with the Terms and conditions

Have a qusetion about formal offer? Contact us: support@liqpay.com


Setting up and getting started

Straight after shop is created you can start setting payments on your website. All the list of payment API and CMS modules for developers

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